“Kaguwashi,” a new HALAL ramen shop now open in Gunma Prefecture

A Muslim-friendly ramen shop named Kaguwashi opened in Gunma Prefecture, where many Muslim immigrants live. This will be a new store by Keishoken Co., Ltd., which currently has ramen shops (26 direct branch stores, one franchise shop, 6 shops produced by Keishoken), curry shops (two direct branch stores, one produced by Keishoken) in Gunma and Tochigi Prefecture. We interviewed the owner, Mr. Sakuraoka.

What made you start HALAL-friendly services?

When I met and spoke to Ms. Rabab Fatima, the ambassador of the Embassy of Bangladesh, I was told that “I want to bring Japanese ramen to Bangladesh. I want restaurants to provide ramen that can be enjoyed all people in common households and children for a reasonable price, and not only intended for wealthy households.” With these words in mind, I promised myself that Keishoken will provide the first Japanese ramen that children in Bangladesh will taste.

The selling point of the store and devices made

“Kaguwashi” is the first ramen shop by “Keishoken group” that provides HALAL menus. Islamic (Muslim) tourists and immigrants are increasing in Gunma Prefecture in recent years. “Kaguwashi” will offer 100% HALAL dishes made without using any pork or alcohol. Also, we have unique menus you can only find here, such as tandoori chicken-style karaage and coriander sauce for ramen toppings. The ramen shop has a prayer space ready, and is a very Muslim-friendly store.
We also sell HALAL gyoza made using only HALAL chicken.


Coriander sauce
Coriander sauce

Tartar sauce
Tartar sauce

Spicy tomato sauce
Spicy tomato sauce

Message to Muslims

We offer healthy ramen topped with fresh vegetables and atsuage (deep fried tofu).
Vegetables used for topping such as Swiss chards, mizuna greens, spinach, and coriander are all bought from an NPO organization “Agri Firm Japan” established to support people suffering from serious diseases and disabilities. Keishoken group respects and supports the approach of this NPO organization of disabled people engaging in agriculture. Freshly picked vegetables and atsuage, which you can choose as a topping for your ramen, will not only accentuate the HALAL ramen taste, but was also created in consideration to vegetarian customers and customers that care about their health, in view of healthy ramen which is becoming emphasized in recent years.

We are also planning to open several more stores mainly in Gunma Prefecture, and is considering starting operations overseas to Islam countries such as Bangladesh within two years.

Please enjoy the best ramen in Gunma Prefecture.

■List of other HALAL restaurants owned by Keishoken.



26-11, Utsuboimachi, Maebashi-shi, Gunma
Halal Gourmet Japan

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