Karaoke is one form of Japanese entertainment, and “Hito Kara”, Karaoke that can be enjoyed alone, has become extremely popular recently. This isn’t necessarily because the Japanese are shy, in fact there seem to be several reasons behind its popularity.


  1. (1) You can enjoy a new sense by being able to clearly hear both the music and your voice through dedicated headphones.

  2. (2) You can use a condenser microphone used for recording and experience what it’s like to be a professional singer.

  3. (3) You can concentrate and enjoy yourself in the one-person room (called a pit) without having to wait for other people to sing their songs.

  4. (4) You can purchase a recording of your song on CD.


              Hito Kara caters to the new needs of people who want to enjoy karaoke differently from usual such as by practicing by themselves before singing in front of a large group, or singing the same song over and over. It may become popular around the world in the near future.