The first ever in Kansai area, “Salon de Sorcière” in Kobe starts beauty services for Muslims

The long-awaited beauty service for Muslims willy start in Kansai.
We interviewed the owner, Ms. Tomomi.

Ms. Tomomi
Ms. Tomomi


1. What made you start the Muslim-friendly services?
I have always been interested in the hair of foreign people.
Okamoto, Kobe has many foreigners whom I meet and often talk to, and heard from them about difficulties they face daily. This made me go to Kobe mosque to hear about the troubles Muslim people face about hair.

There I became friends with people from Malaysia, deepened understanding on the Islam beliefs, and acquired a certificate for HALAL manager.

2. About Muslim-friendly facilities
*Screen to conceal customers from the outside

invisible from the outside
invisible from the outside

*Prayer room is built

Prayer mat is available
Prayer mat is available

*Hand washing station available

*Watering is available in the bathroom

*No products contain animal or alcohol

3. Message to Muslims
The salon is managed by myself only, so there is no need to worry. Feel free to bring your children along. We do not use anything bad for the hair, so we can provide Muslim customers with safe products.
Kobe has the oldest mosque in Japan, the Kobe mosque. Please take a visit!
The salon is not limited to Muslimah customers. I am the only one working here, so please make early reservation by phone once you know your schedule.

Salon de Sorcière

1-4-17 Okamoto, Higashinada Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture
-Hair cut and blow-dry
Infants and Elementary School students ¥2000
Junior high and High School students ¥2500
University school students ¥3000
Adults ¥4200
Shampoo from +¥500

-Perm : including shampoo, cut, shampoo, cut, and blow-dry included ¥11800~
Straight perm: shampoo, cut, and blow-dry included ¥10500~
Super straight perm: ¥15000~
Semi long and long hair +¥500~
Color : shampoo, blow-dry included ¥8000~
Acidic coloring ¥5500~
Herbal coloring ¥7000~
Design color +4000~
When you get a hair color, cut will be +¥3800
Semi long and long hair +¥500~
Bedrock bathing 30 minutes ¥3000
Facial treatment ¥3000~
Hair treatment ¥3500~
Japanese hairdo experience ¥4000~
Hair restoration course ¥3000~