Top Halal Diner in Shibuya Area

Written by Farid Putra san

There is a great place to hang-out if you go to Shibuya and craving for halal foods. It is quite there for several years, the quiet place but gorgeous ambiance of Turkish halal Kebab Cafe. If you go start walking from JR Shibuya station, just go through 109 directions to Bunkamura building. This mini restaurant café is placed just before Don Quijote Shibuya.

Talking about the foods and drinks inside the restaurant, they got you covered for a great variety of Halal menu from appetizers to desserts. The main recommendation will be Doner Kebab, set with rice and salad on the platter. If you want the kebab menu with sandwich style pita bread, you should tell the waiter and ask for kebab “sandwich”, also be specific whether you prefer beef or chicken for the meat.


Inside Doner Kebab menu there is a fresh salad, Turkish meatball called Kofte, grilled chicken and paprika, thin crust bread, golden brown kebab with a delicious sauce, and very great taste white rice (it is cooked properly so that the rice has mild taste).


The other menu I have ordered is Iskender kebab and Lamb Sis. The first one has a unique and new taste experience for me because there was a combination of kebab slices meat with sauce and the mix of tomato sauce and yogurt which giving some sour taste to original delicious kebab.


The later one, spicy salt of grilled lamb meat saute served with grilled paprika, thin crust bread, and salad. I like it, it really has a great flavor. Beside kebab menu, I also ask for bread menu called Ekmek, my family and I really enjoy it at the time while eating kebab platter and sandwich. The bread and kebab sauce or that tomato yogurt sauce will give some good sensation.


The last thing you want to know about this restaurant is the signature drink and dessert menu. Some returning customer will have the flavorful small cup of hot black tea with or without sugar at the end of their dish. The drink will refresh your tongue, then you can drink the clear water after the sweet tea and go to final stage.

The last part is dessert time, I think the baklava will give you some surprising sweetness to finish your lunch or dinner there. If you are like me, really like the sweet dessert, it really suits you because it was amazingly sweet sugary bread cookie. But if you are not, I think you just have to test it for a small amount of bite and clearing up with the water. It is worth the taste, giving a newness of your dessert library index.

From my perspective, this kind of dining will give you warm feeling after you eat especially in winter time. For the money you paid, you can’t go wrong. It ranges from around JPY500 for kebab sandwich, and JPY900-1000 for kebab rice set, and the cheap price menu under JPY500 for bread and baklava. Overall, this place is must-go place if you are around Shibuya, especially right now. Here is the detail of the address.


Kebab Cafe

Opening Hours 11:30-23:30
Lunch 11:30-16:00 (The closing time could be change irregularly)
Close None
Address 2-25-10 dogenzaka shibuyaku, Tokyo 150-0043
Phone 03-3780-1367
Halal Gourmet Japan

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