Written by Takehiro

Halal menu in Waseda University
Halal menu in Waseda University

Waseda University is regarded as one of the top level universities in Japan and about 45 thousand students study in 17 departments.

Waseda University provides the meals that use halal chicken at cafeteria inside the campus. The meals are provided not only at Waseda campus but also at Nishiwaseda campus, campus of faculty of science and engineering. You will eat here here because restaurants are open to the general public. These cafeterias are open to all citizens to enjoy the meal. The picture shown below is Halal chicken of Japanese taste, Halal chicken seasoned with soy sauce. Because the cafeteria is one of the faculties of the university, the meals are provided in affordable price (350 Japanese yen). Furthermore, there are varieties of side meals to help your balanced diet in Nishiwaseda campus of Waseda University. Though, the number of muslim students are still small, providing the meal with Halal chicken would be great help for globalization of the university. Talking about the globalization, there are several laboratories providing foreign students space to pray in Nishiwaseda campus. Waseda University started to have a step forward closer to the people of Muslim. Japan University welcome all Muslims.