Written by Sk. Nishat Abdullah-san


Sky tree is a must see place in Tokyo for tourists, foreign residents and even Japanese people. As it takes quite long time to finish enjoying sky tree, it’s natural for Muslim tourists or visitors to worry about finding a Halal restaurant nearby. I say no need to worry. Dear Muslim brothers can relax about Halal food while visiting Sky Tree, as “AMARA” gives you the opportunity to enjoy Halal food there. “Amara”, the Indian restaurant, is typically same as that of other Indian restaurants in terms of their menu, but are unique in their location, as it is located almost beneath the sky tree. “Amara” is located within solamachi dining on 6th floor of East Tower building of Sky tree.

In comparison to other Japanese restaurants in solamachi dining, the internal environment of “Amara” is elegant and spacious. The interior is decorated in Indian traditional themes. Though this restaurant sells Halal food, either in front or inside the restaurant, nowhere it is written. Basically, as a whole it is not a Halal restaurant. It needs to let them know when a Halal meal is required. At first they showed me the normal menu card that they bring for anyone. But, when I asked them to bring the menu card for Halal menu, they changed it. I choose a Halal set meal for my lunch comprising naan, chicken tikka, salad, potato fries, vegetable curry and chicken curry. All were delicious. I asked another naan and they provided me that within the price of the set meal. The price of Halal and non Halal menus was same. I ate with a satisfaction of stomach and mind.

The cooking materials used for preparing Indian foods, are usually Halal, as they do not use any alcohol or porcine elements while preparing food. Just using Halal chicken or mutton is almost enough for an Indian curry to be Halal. So, it is very easy for the owners of Indian Restaurants to convert their restaurants Halal. I hope that more Indian restaurants will find interest to convert their food into Halal in order to draw the attraction of Muslim tourists which will at least flourish their business. This will also be helpful for the Muslims to stay or travel in Japan.

Address 1-1-2 oshiage sumida-ku, Tokyo 131-0045
Open 11:00 am to 11:00 pm (L.O 10:00 pm)
Tel 03-5809-7161
Article https://halalmedia.jp/archives/1916/halal-vegetarian-food-available-mantra-amara-diya/
Halal Gourmet Japan https://www.halalgourmet.jp/restaurant/523