Developing Shizuoka oden that Muslims can also eat


“Hanoji Shokuhin” is a company that makes satsuma-age (miced fish mixed with vegetables and deep fried) and is located in Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. They are trying to develop HALAL-friendly products so that Muslims can try the local food of Shizuoka Prefecture, Shizuoka Oden.

What made you start developing HALAL Shizuoka Oden?

Fujino Hattori, the director, participated in an inbound seminar and learned that the number one objective of foreigners was to experience eating “Japanese food.”

However, they found out that Muslim people cannot eat these local delicacies due to religious limitations, and started developing new products so Muslims visiting Japan can try the delicious oden.
They are in the mist of making satsuma-age, which is their signature product, and kuro-hanpen, which is a must-have in Shizuoka Oden, HALAL-friendly, and are first aiming to sell them to commercial businesses.



Organically grown daikon radishes were harvested in December 2016 with Mr. Niaz Ahmed, the chief director of Non-Profit Organization “Fujisan Kara Sekai.”
He met Mr. Niaz through developing HALAL oden, and they are now working together to realize sales of the product.

Some paste products made with fish as the main ingredient contained pork-derived products, and so to make these HALAL-friendly, products are made without adding alcohol or pork-derived products and seasoned with condiments such as HALAL-friendly soy sauce.
They are making HALAL-friendly products since February 2012, and are planning to sell paste products such as satsuma-age, kuro hanpen, daikon radish, and eggs as commercial oden.
Mr. Hattori is making products in the hope that more people from Islamic countries will visit Shizuoka to try the Shizuoka Oden.

Hanoji Shokuhin


Photo credit: Hanoji Shokuhin

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