Japan is making a system for accepting Muslim employees.

A Muslim employee works in this consulting company (Amie from Indonesia) and consideration is given to worship (as seen in the picture, a worshipping space is provided) and food. Of course, as a Japanese company, there are traditional gatherings including alcohol called “Nomi-kai”; however, we ask for no-pork and no-alcohol food for one when choosing restaurants.
At this company, in order for people to have a deeper understanding on religion, the managers talked with each employee to make a system for accepting Muslim people into the company.

Amie said, “When we are looking for restaurants, there are some restaurants nearby who kindly listen to my needs and to arrange meals to be suitable for me based on religion reason. I always value the concept of diversity and would like to learn about Japanese culture hence I am so happy that the company also values the differences, including Islam. The company understands how important it is for me to be able to practice my religion, while practicing Islam does not mean interrupting our work as at the same time we are able to work like other people and to give our best contribution to the company. The company understands and respects this which makes me comfortable to build my career path with this company in Japan.“

There are still very few companies like this in Japan.
We will strive our best for making a system allowing Muslim people to work in Japan free of stress.

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