Chiba Prefecture, which is excitedly creating an Islam street with a developed Halal environment in the Prefecture, is a major fruit power. Chiba is Japan’s leading production center of strawberry, pear, and watermelon, and has also focused on exports in the recent years.


              Chiba Prefecture governor Morita visited Malaysia this month with a focus on sales. There he visited “Chiba Fair” held at Japanese shopping mall AEON and recommended local consumers try the food.


              According to reports, a woman who tasted the strawberries at the fair felt that they were “sweeter and more delicious than Malaysian strawberries”. AEON Malaysia also noted that “pears are not sold in Malaysia right now, so we can expect a market for them in Johor as well as Kuala Lumpur.”


kit kat suica              Confectionary using these fruits is also popular with foreigners. Many consumers are calling for a return of the limited edition Kit Kat Suika (watermelon). Some Japanese enjoy their watermelon with a sprinkling of salt; the sweetness of the watermelon becomes more attractive when it is covered in salt and the aftertaste is also refreshing. Some foreigners are also said to sprinkle their Kit Kat Suika with a little salt to enjoy the sweet, refreshing watermelon flavor. It seems to be best enjoyed like a watermelon; eaten after chilled in the refrigerator.

Kit Kat strawberry is still on sale, so let’s call for the return of Kit Kat Suika!