The Kyoto Muslim MAP

The results of the study carried out by students attending Kyoto University of Foreign Studies and University of Science-Malaysia were integrated into a map. This map is distributed for free at tourist information centers and accommodations in the city.

The map contains information on a total of 40 stores including Japanese restaurants serving sushi, Kyoto-style foods, tempura, etc. and Japanese-style confectionary store as “MUSLIM FRIENDLY SHOP.” The opening hours and menus are listed along with its place on the map.

(1) Pork and other contents prohibited in halal are not used
(2) It is reasonably priced (about 1000 yen)
(3) Whether or not the store is favorable to Muslim (Islam)

With the abovementioned three points as the standard, restaurants/stores were asked to disclose their menus, ingredients, and condiments/seasonings that they use. We placed a sticker to restaurants determined to be Muslim-friendly and released these information in the website “Muslim Friendly Shop.”

Visit the website here:

Kyoto is a major tourist attraction in Japan. A system for accpeting Muslim customers is underway.