Written by Akihiro Suda

Halal Gourmet Japan
Halal Gourmet Japan

Previously, I met a Muslim person while travelling Pulau Langkawi Island in Malaysia and had dinner with them, but when it came to looking for restaurants, we found it very difficult to find a place that serves halal foods.
From the experience of seeing Muslim people having to check menus at each restaurant, I strongly felt the desire to help Muslim people that visit Japan.

I started the project as soon as I came back to Japan and three months later, launched a website for helping Muslim people find restaurants where they can enjoy their meals without worry.
I still continue to contact each restaurant to confirm their correspondence to halal to provide the latest information on our website.

At Halal Gourmet Japan(http://halalgourmet.jp), regardless of the presence of halal certificate, we actively post information on stores as long as they are Muslim-friendly, including restaurants that serve only vegetables and restaurants with menu that does not use pork.

Moreover, we have a smart phone app available for use in a variety of devices.

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