Did you know that Japan has the most three star Michelin restaurants in the world? It may be said that this is because the chefs are world-class in addition to amazing food ingredients, restaurant, and services. These Japanese chefs (of course, having national qualifications) will commence full-scale correspondence to halal. Osaka-fu Nippon Choriginoushikai, Japanese Cuisine for Future (JCF), and Japan Halal Association (JHA) established the “Authorization for halal chefs” system. Chefs will be taught knowledge and correct understanding of halal through lessons, exercise, and demonstrations specified on “food,” thereby authorizing trainees that finished the curriculum as “halal chefs.”
The perspective of JHA that authorized this curriculum is very interesting. Even when restaurants, ingredients, and condiments are halal, if the chef does not have an understanding towards halal, it is insufficient for halal correspondence. Conversely, halal may rapidly spread in Japan if the chefs are educated.
Osaka is a heaven of food referred to as the city in which people ruin themselves by extravagance in food, with many skilled chefs. Let’s hope for the success of chefs in Osaka.

– Osaka-fu Nippon Choriginoushikai, Japanese language page