Written by Laksmi Kusumawardhani-san & Kika Rizki Amelia-san

Laksmi Kusumawardhani : an employee at Japanese company in Tokyo
Kika Rizki Amelia : a graduate student at Waseda University

Halal Sirloin Beef Steak “DON”
Halal Sirloin Beef Steak “DON”

I and my friend would like to have dinner and since we are both moslems, we pay concern about the food, which means the food should be halal. My friend suggested having dinner at Samurai Kitchen in Ebisu, since they provide halal beef steak. So after office, we met at Ebisu Station and walked to the Mitsukoshi Department Store, which in the B1 floor we could find the Samurai Kitchen booth.

The shop keepers were announcing to the visitors that they provide ‘Halal Steak’. We noticed that some Japanese people dropped by and seemed to be interested since they might not be familiar with the word ‘halal food’.

Since my friend was wearing a head covering, the shop keeper noticed immediately that she is a moslem and was showing us the halal menu. The menu is beef steak with black pepper sauce, rice and salad packed in a ‘bento box’. After we ordered, we stayed at the cooking area since we were curious about the cooking procedure and the ingredients used. The ‘Halal Certification’ issued by Islamic Halal Council in Australia is attached on the glass window at the cooking station. The cook showed us also the ‘Halal Label’ attached on the meat package and was assuring us that no alcohol or pork oil used during the cooking process. The shopkeepers were really friendly and were asking where we are from and how we found them.

And our steak is ready!! The meat is soft and juicy and we loved the sauce!! It was spicy but it was really great. The steak goes well with the vegetable and the rice. It was also really interesting since it is a ‘Japanese style beef steak’ and it has the chopsticks with the pictures of Samurai katana (sword) in the cover, really suits the name of the restaurant, Samurai Kitchen.  My friend told me that she did not have so much chance to have meat in Japan since it is difficult to find ‘halal meat’ in the restaurant, so she was really happy. Before leaving, we had a talk with the shopkeepers and took some photos. We really enjoyed the meal and hope to have more delicious halal food from Samurai Kitchen 😀

And you can eat it in Sekai Cafe anytime.
Hokubee Halal Sirloin Steak of Beef “DON” at Fukui WORLDON CUP 2015 by SAMURAI KITCHEN feat.SEKAI CAFE