Nanzan Grill restaurant
Nanzan Grill restaurant

There is a barbeque restaurant in Kyoto where you can enjoy halal Wagyu beef.
The name of the restaurant is Nanzan Grill restaurant.

The brand of the catlle is “Kyo Tankuro Wagyu Catlle” which received halal certification from the mosque in Kyoto.
It is a well-established restaurant that has been in business for 44 years, and is still loved by local customers.
The restaurant completely stopped providing pork in order to become halal-friendly. All sauces were also remade by hand. They get visits from at least one group of Muslim customers every day.

This is a restaurant that you must visit once you come to Kyoto!

*What is Kyo Tankuro Wagyu catlle?
Kyo Tankuro Wagyu catlle is a Japanese breed of catlle “born and brought up in Kyoto” with shorthorn catlle as the mother and Kuroge-Wagyu (Japanese black catlle) as the father.
“Japanese shorthorn” is one of the four types of Wagyu catlles. They are healthy and strong catlles bred free range in steep mountains with deep taste. “Kuroge-Wagyu catlle” is a representative wagyu beef with fine marbling that melts in the mouth. Kyo Tankuro Wagyu with these Shorthorn catlle and Kuroge-Wagyu catlle as parents have both deep red meat taste and marbling that melts in the mouth.

Address Shimogamo Kitanonogamicho, Sakyo-ward, Kyoto-city 31 Kitayama Dori, Notre Dame Komae
Open 11:00-22:30 Open 7 days a week
TEL +81-(0)75-722-4131
Website Muslim Friendly Menu at Nanzan