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Written by Sk. Nishat Abdullah-san

I am Sk. Nishat Abdullah from Bangladesh. I am a Muslim came to Japan for getting higher training in medical science. Before coming to Japan, I had some idea that in a country where Muslim people are few in number, finding “Halal” food and drink may be a little difficult. But later I found it more difficult to get access to “Halal” food whenever I wanted them. There are two main reasons.
One, I am not good in Japanese Language, so neither I can communicate well with the shopkeepers, nor, I can read what is written on the cover of a food. Second reason is that most of the Japanese people does not know the meaning of “Halal”. Recently I have visited the traditional city of Japan, Kyoto where one can enjoy the real flavor of Japanese culture along with a good number of UNESCO natural heritage sites.

Getting down into Kyoto Station, when I went to “Kyoto Tourist Information Centre”, I wanted a list of available Halal restaurants in Kyoto. The list I received contained the name of five restaurants. Among them only one restaurant was found to receive the Halal certification. The name of the restaurant was “Rose Café”. Though I knew the name before from the website of “Halal Media Japan”, it created additional confidence in my mind about its authentication. So, the first lunch I took in Kyoto was in “Rose Café”. The interior was neat and clean, decorated in a Turkish manner. The people working inside the restaurant were enthusiastic and co operative.
The transportation system in Kyoto is a little different from Tokyo because, subway is not much widespread in Kyoto. So, most commonly used transport in Kyoto is bus. To reach Rose café, One has to take the Bus from Kyoto Station for “koujinguchi. The number of the bus in this route is 205.
Usually in Japanese restaurants, the lunch time is up to 1530. When I reached there, it was 1420 and I came to know that the time limit for lunch time in “Rose Café” is 1400. I would like to share this information with the readers so that they can be careful about this. However, I had to choose some menu from the dinner courses. They have a variety of Turkish dishes like “Tavuk Doner” which means Chicken kebab plate, “Kuru Fasulye” which contains steamed beef with kidney beans, “Sebzeli Tavuk” which contained stewed chicken with vegetables and so many. The food they served were delicious
After finishing my lunch, I asked about the location of saying prayer. I was overwhelmed at the hospitability by the people of Rose café when one of the staff accompanied me to show the “Kyoto Muslim Cultural Centre” where I could say my Juhr prayer. It was interesting that the “Kyoto Muslim Cultural Centre” was only two minutes walking distance from “Rose Café”. So, it was a double benefit for me to visit this restaurant as I could be able to say my prayer besides taking my meal! Moreover, in “Kyoto Cultural Centre” there is a Halal food shop where many of the Halal snacks, chocolates and drinks are sold. So, I had to return to that place time and again. I think any Muslim people should feel comfortable to find a Halal restaurant, A Mosque and a Halal Food Shop in a same place in a city like Kyoto in Japan. I think any Muslim people visiting Kyoto, should visit this place in order to getting served their multiple purposes of religious customs along with taking “Halal” food. That is why I would like to name the break in Rose café as “Islamic Break” as it is reflected in the title of this article.

Rose Cafe
Rose Cafe
Address 88-3 Miyagaki-cho, Kawaramachi-dori, Koujin-guchi, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi.
Tel +81-(0)75-252-2923
Open 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
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