JamLabel Shampoo
JamLabel Shampoo

We hereby introduce you an extraordinary hair care product proved to have high safety of “No irritation” in all subjects upon an allergy test carried out to white, black, and yellow races in a specialized agency by dermatologists authorized by the United States of America. JamLabel Shampoo developed by Private Lab is an all-in-one shampoo capable of providing conditioning effect just by shampooing and may also be used as face wash and body soap.
The shampoo contains pure water, amino-acid based washing ingredients, active ingredients, and preservatives extracted from vegetables. There is nothing added to the scent or natural refined oil is used. It contains no coloring and no coating agents, eliminating all components prone to cause allergy with irritation to the skin.
The bottle of JamLabel is labeled with the Global Environment Project mark promoted by our company, and is currently provided in Hotel Ryumeikan (Tokyo), Executive House Zen (Tokyo), and Ryokan Motonago (Kyoto), and is anticipated to acquire halal certification overseas in the future.