Written by Sk. Nishat Abdullah-san


The meaning of the name “Sekai Cafe” is “world Cafe”. It implies that the restaurant is open for people of different cultures and religions from different corners of the world. Though this restaurant has obtained “HALAL” certification, it is not only for Muslims, but also for people who are vegetarian. The policy is that, irrespective of religion, any person can feel secure to eat food in this restaurant. Whatever the restriction he or she might have in taking food, it does not matter. That is why they call themselves as “Cosmopolitan Kitchen”. A restaurant with such concept is really unique and required in a cosmopolitan city like Tokyo. The menu card dictates the nature of the food and ingredients it contained. All foods served in this restaurant may not be halal and may not be suitable for vegetarian people. But the menu that is marked with “Halal”, is undoubtedly halal. The dishes are off course delicious and are of variety of tastes. For example, one can eat Italian dishes like pasta, pizza along with different kinds of curries. Even some western dishes like steak is also available here. In this restaurant, besides some delicious soft drinks, they also serve the alcohol. But I think it did not harm the peaceful environment liked by religious muslim people. Though the concept covers a wide range of people in the world, the restaurant is not spacious accordingly. Its location in the heart of the city “Asakusa” can draw the attraction of many tourists. Moreover, this restaurant is very easily accessible for anyone who is a stranger in this this city.

About Sekai Cafe SEKAI CAFE: A café suitable for everyone