Non meat, non alcohol delicious “magic croquette”


The “magic croquette” is an original menu by Yoshiya made with techniques of Kyoto-style vegetarian food that does not use any meat or alcohol.
The croquette is made with potato having great texture and tastes like Kyoto-style sukiyaki, and you will not believe that no meat is used.
The osho (priest) of the first Tenryu-ji in Kyoto Gozan has assured the taste.
(We received the naming “magic croquette” from the osho)
*Kyoto-style sukiyaki: Sukyaki served with yuba (tofu skin)

The tofu croquette is also an original menu of Yoshiya made using tofu and chicken from Sagano. The croquette is the specialty of the store and the sweet taste of vegetables and light taste is so good, you will be able to eat many without even thinking.