hanami (cherry blossom viewing)
hanami (cherry blossom viewing)

Hanami is considered to be an important part of Japanese culture.
HALAL MEDIA JAPAN. is no stranger to receiving many inquiries regarding the cherry blossom. Please check out the below URL for more information.
Information on hanami season
The Bloom of Cherry Blossoms

Information on recommended hanami sites
Popular Hanami Spots

Japanese hold many cherry blossom viewing parties called “hanami” with their families, friends, and coworkers.
Since hanami is a big part of Japanese traditional “wa” culture, we greatly recommend you to experience this seasonal delight “hanami” while enjoying the delicious meal of halal washoku!
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*Please be noted that many Japanese will be drinking alcoholic beverages at the hanami site.

The place is lit up in the night
The place is lit up in the night