Tourist city of Japan “Asakusa”
We’ve invited 30 Muslim friends to Asakusa and coordinated a tour of Asakusa.
Walk around tour in Asakusa for Muslim

Walk around tour in Asakusa for Muslim
Walk around tour in Asakusa for Muslim

Along with visiting major tourist spots such as Sensouji temple, kokusai-dori, and Asakusa Engei Hall, etc., we also walked around and visited places such as staple photo spot, Asakusa’s halal corresponding stores, store that provides non-pork/non-alcoholic products, and hotels that correspond to Muslim guests. We provided solid worship time as well.

Everyone had a great time and some of our Muslim friends even tried out the costumes. We also saw a lot of active exchange taking place between the Muslim friends.

The weather was very cold…Our Muslim friends who were experiencing Japan’s winter for the first time looked like they were having a hard time adjusting.

The Asakusa Muslim MAP can be checked at below link:
A Website Specially for Asakusa

Our Muslim friends brought back a lot of Halal souvenirs. Are they really going to eat Natto??

Not just limited to Asakusa, but we would like our Muslim friends to get to know more about the rest of Japan so that they can further enjoy their stay.
In Japan, there are many interesting things such as delicious food, beautiful building and wonderful culture.
HALAL MEDIA JAPAN will continue to bring halal information in Japan to the world!

We want to thank all of the companies in Japan that supported this event.