“Samurai Ramen UMAMI” is Non pork and animal, Non alcohol ramen.
*The product is not halal certified.

”UMAMI (flavorful)” taste soup
Anyone trying it out for the first time will be astonished by the fact that such flavorful taste can be produced without using any pork bone broth or chicken bone broth.

”UMAMI (flavorful)” taste soup
”UMAMI (flavorful)” taste soup

It’s an amazing noodle that will silence even the most stubborn ramen lovers.
Although it’s a dried noodle, since this noodle was created as the result of relentless pursuit in perfecting the unique flavorful quality of ramen, it has texture and scent that will silence even the most stubborn ramen lovers each time he/she takes a slurp. It has a texture that goes well for Japanese as well.

Amazing noodle
Amazing noodle

Package that delivers Japanese culture
The package of “Samurai Ramen UMAMI” is presented with special gold color in paying homage to spectacular samurai culture. Special KATANA (chopsticks) are enclosed in the package so that foreigners can enjoy Japanese culture.

package of Samurai Ramen UMAMI
package of Samurai Ramen UMAMI


Cartoon character ramen for kids! It’s a boiled egg and seaweed made monster samurai crawling out of magma. We’ve turned “Samurai Ramen UMAMI” into cartoon character ramen by using left over eggs.

It looks like a monster who is crawling out of magma?! Kids are ecstatic over this harmless looking cute little monster. Aside from ramen, you can also use it for toshikoshi soba (New Year’s Eve soba), nabe, and Christmas cooking! The ingredients are very simple! This cartoon character ramen can be made in a short span of time by just adding few little things on top of the noodle!

[Ingredient (for 1 person)]
Seaweed:1 piece

  1. Make boiled egg in advance.
  2. Cut the boiled egg in half. Separate the white egg portion upon cutting and save it for later. (You will use it for twinkling eyes/teeth)
  3. You are going to make the monster’s eyes. Cut the boiled/oven heated/etc. carrot in a round shape.tw
  4. Cut the flavored seaweed one size smaller than the carrot in a round shape
  5. Make twinkling eyes and pointed-teeth with left over white egg stated on 2). For teeth, cut it round in a size about 1/5 of the flavored seaweed. For the pointed-teeth, make several triangles.
  6. Place the round shape object made with carrot, seaweed and white egg on top of half-cut boiled egg. The eyes are complete! Place them on the ramen as toppings.
  7. Place paste form seaweed on top of ramen. The topping is completed by placing the pointed-teeth made by white egg on top of paste form seaweed (try your best to spread the paste to create a mouth shape of a laughing face)
Cartoon character ramen for kids
Cartoon character ramen for kids

Not only is this a delicious ramen, but this “cartoon monster crawling out of magma” themed ramen is also great for kid’s birthday party, little reward time and many more!

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