We are going to introduce Khaosan hotel in Tokyo.
This hotel has won the grand prize for “JAPAN BACKPACKERS LINK AWARD” for 2 years in a row, and is considered to be a very popular hotel among foreign travelers. We’ve been told that since this hotel is so popular, reservation is nearly impossible!?
As you can see from the below list, there are various types of hotels around Asakusa area were travelers can experience Japanese culture, and many Muslim travelers are lodging at these kinds of hotels.
Khaosan Tokyo

You can also find them at Kyoto, Kyushu and Sapporo area.

Some of the consideration toward Muslim travelers are:
1. Providing of large bathroom in catering toward cleansing procedure
*Please contact us in advance

Khaosan Tokyo - accommodations
Khaosan Tokyo – accommodations
  1. Clean kitchen facility that can correspond to halal cooking, where guests can buy their own halal ingredients and cook on their own.
    *Please be noted that plates and cookware are regular types and are not specially made for halal.
Khaosan Tokyo - accommodations
Khaosan Tokyo – accommodations

Although our hotel is a hub for many guests from around the world, we are looking forward in having Muslim guests staying at our hotel for their enjoyable stay in Japan.

You can check out the halal information of Asakusa at below link:
A Website Specially for Asakusa

Khaosan Tokyo