This time JKT48 members continue traveling in Tochigi. Tochigi prefecture is a tourist site that we recommend. There are a lot of gourmets, hot springs, ski resorts, and world heritage in this prefecture and we can get access to easily from Tokyo.

“THE ICHIBAN” is a TV program that is being broadcasted by RTV, Indonesia now. In this program, JKT48 members travel to look for “No.1 in Japan” in various regions of Japan. They try to find out attractive spots such as “the oldest”, “the biggest”, “the most famous” in Japan, that matches a given picture. The host of the program is Dwi Andhika, a drama actor, and Haruka Nakagawa joins in every episode.

People living outside Indonesia can watch this video in official website. This website also contains the collections of deleted scenes and photo galleries. Please get access to “THE ICHIBAN” website!

Tochigi – THE ICHIBAN Official Website:


The start point of this time is the theme park where we can trip to Edo era! The clue that is given to Haruka Nakagawa, Cindy Yuvia, and Shania Gracia is a photo of building. The words, “strawberry” is written in the wall. “No.1” of this time seems to have to do with strawberry. Time limit is 8 hours. Now JKT48 trio goes to Edo era!



Edo Wonderland is a theme park in Nikko city, Tochigi prefecture. We can enjoy landscapes and entertainment of Edo era in the park. The special experience that the park offers is wearing clothes of Edo people and walk around the park. JKT48 trio becomes ooku, hime and ninja. Please check ninja-styled Gracia. Other clothes, such as samurai and merchant, can also be tried.



In Edo Wonderland, we can experience jobs and martial arts of Edo era. In addition, there are small theaters and souvenir shops in the park, so visitors can enjoy the Edo culture with a whole body. After enjoyed walking wearing Edo style clothes, JKT48 members ask a townsman about the given photo.



Eventually, JKT48 members find out strawberry. Haruka Nakagawa eats 32 strawberries herself. Strawberries made in Tochigi are bigger than usual and enough sweet. There are many spots where we can try strawberry picking in this prefecture. But, why is the strawberry “No.1”?

Please watch the video from the link below, and check the reason why the strawberry in Tochigi is “No.1”!

Tochigi – THE ICHIBAN Official Website: