JKT48 heads for Tochigi to look for “No.1 in Japan”! This time JKT48 tries a certain sport just like jumping off from the sky!

“THE ICHIBAN” is a TV program that is being broadcasted by RTV, Indonesia now. In this program, JKT48 members travel to look for “No.1 in Japan” in various regions of Japan. They try to find out attractive spots such as “the oldest”, “the biggest”, “the most famous” in Japan, that matches a given picture. The host of the program is Dwi Andhika, a drama actor, and Haruka Nakagawa joins in every episode.

People living outside Indonesia can watch this video in official website. This website also contains the collections of deleted scenes and photo galleries. Please get access to “THE ICHIBAN” website!

Tochigi – THE ICHIBAN Official Website:


This time they start from the place like a large park. The clue that is given to Haruka Nakagawa, Cindy Yuvia, and Shania Gracia is a picture of big “torii”. Time limit is 9 hours. Just before the departure, they find an airplane. This time they get on this plane and look for “No.1” from the sky!



But, actually it means skydiving! Gracia and Yuvia show woeful face in the airplane. Skydive Fujioka, a club based in Tochigi, offers “tandem skydiving”, that is an experience to jump off together with instructor. We can also try such rare air sport in this attractive Tochigi prefecture.



Tochigi prefecture, that takes about an hour by train from Tokyo, is an tourist site where we can get access easily. In this prefecture, there is Nikko Toshogu, one of the world heritage that is known by the grave of Ieyasu Tokugawa. Visitors can see many architectures and sculptures that made by great techniques. This torii is similar to the given picture but here is really “No.1”?



After two members come back from the sky, JKT48 members go to Nikkoken. HMJ have already introduced it several times. Nikkoken is a very popular ramen restaurant serving HALAL gyoza and ramen in Sano city, Tochigi. Now there is the signatures written by JKT48 during the recording in the restaurant!


JKT48’s trip continues to look for the “torii”. What on earth is “No.1” this time? Please check the video!

Tochigi – THE ICHIBAN Official Website: